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Here are some resources we have found helpful.   We’ve placed them in alphabetical order to search.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, email or call:  470-207-8194.We are happy to help!

ACLS guidelines.  If you are stocking a new crash cart or emergency supplies, or want to review your equipment and supplies, it’s always good to have the American Heart Association resource.

AMA Profile Search.  Search for physician profiles on the AMA website as part of your primary source verification for credentialing.

CMS Infection Control Worksheet Link:  Click here to find the current CMS infection control worksheet.  This is the worksheet used for assessing your infection control practices during inspections.

CMS Memorandum Alert:  Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems:   In case you missed it, CMS recently released a memo discussing the use of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.  The memo dated 11/21/14 indicates that the use of these devices requires that the facility “must read and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions” for use.  The memo provides guidance for intended use and limitations, which includes whether the device is “intended for professional or self testing”, as well as if the unit is being cleaned per manufacturer’s guidelines.  If you are performing blood glucose testing under your CLIA waiver, please be sure that you have reviewed the unit’s guidelines and that it is meant for use in your facility, it’s limitations, and how to clean.  The memo can be found here.

CMS rules.  I find I use this CMS regulation document frequently as a go to resource when updating policy and reviewing or adding processes.

DEA Drug Disposal Rules:  Here is the letter sent to physicians from the DEA regarding  drug disposal rules.

Hand Washing Printables:  To find great hand washing printables from the WHO click here.

Lipid Rescue Guidelines:    Click here to find a  great checklist for treatment of local anesthetic systemic toxicity from ASRE.

Look alike Sound Alike Compliance:  AAAHC requires that a list be maintained of look-alike sound alike medications, and that steps are in place to prevent errors. A good way to make sure your facility meets this requirement is to print the Institute for Safe Medication PracticesConfused Name Drug List”, and highlight any medications used in your facility. Once identified, you may want to sticker those medications as an alert. You also can find some look-alike sound alike medications stickers for easy labeling from Medicus Health here.

Malignant Hyperthermia  guidelines.  MHAUS has invaluable tools for preparing for a Malignant Hyperthermia  emergency.

Malignant Hyperthermia Training: MHAUS offers training you can use in your facility.  Find it here.

National Practitioner Data Bank.  The National Practioner Data Bank provides query results for your credentialed providers.

OIG Exclusion List.   Search for care providers that have been excluded due to OIG sanctions.

OSHA bloodborne facts information sheet.  This OSHA PDF is printable and a great resource for your facility’s OSHA  compliance.

OSHA SDS sheet update requirements:  To find the current OSHA SDS update requirements click here .



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